Four Catholic Dioceses Included In List of Potential Defendants In Covington Student Lawsuit

The high profile libel attorney who’s representing Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic teen who was wrongly smeared as a racist last month, released a 14-minute video revealing the truth about what happened on January 18, when a brief clip appearing to show Sandmann mocking Native American activist Nathan Phillips went viral.

The video shows events leading up to the incident—the role the black Hebrew Israelites played as well as the Native American activists. A considerable amount of the short film is also spent on Phillips’s role in spreading a false narrative against Sandmann and his classmates and the media’s culpability in being all too quick to propagate it.

“Two weeks ago, the mainstream media, politicians, church officials, commentators, & celebrities rushed to judgment to wrongfully condemn, threaten, disparage & vilify Nick Sandmann based solely on a few seconds of an out-of-context video clip. It only takes 15 minutes to learn the truth,” the description on the YouTube video says.

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