A Mother’s Plea to Our Bishops

A married Catholic couple has produced a video asking the American bishops to address not only the problem of sexual predation in the clergy but also the legacy of episcopal cover-up.

Helen Gondek, a 33-year-old mother of three, reads a letter to the bishops in the seven-minute video, offering a voice and a face to represent the millions of American Catholics longing for an end to the crisis of leadership in the Church.

“I am no one special,” Gondek begins. “I do not pretend to be a great scholar or the most qualified person to write you this letter. I am just a faithful lay Catholic who loves the Church.”

Gondek tells the bishops that she and her husband have always looked to the Church for guidance and have always tried follow its teachings.

“God has tugged at our hearts to try to do something for His Church during this scandalous time,” Gondek says, “and while we feel completely unprepared and unqualified to do so, we continue to remind ourselves that it is not about our power or abilities but rather God’s grace and His will.”

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