U.S. Bishops Once Again Advocate for the Illegal Invasion of Our Nation

Townhall reports: While the Biden administration focuses its time and resources attacking the state of Texas for its work to take up the duty of enforcing the U.S.-Mexico border abdicated by the federal government, the crisis continues to worsen. December saw another new record for the number of illegal immigrants encountered by border agents at … Read more

Pro-Abortion Dick Durbin Complains About Being Denied Communion

In an interview with Christian publication America Magazine, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin, from Illinois, explained that he has been shunned from receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion at his home diocese due to his pro-abortion voting record. In the interview, Durbin noted that he has been barred from receiving the sacrament in Springfield, Illinois since … Read more

Chinese Firewall in the Vatican?

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seeks to demolish Chinese Catholic churches, Vatican silence echoes. When the CCP goes on a crusade to destroy crucifixes and holy statues in systemic eradication of the faith, Vatican silence echoes. When the CCP prohibits Chinese children under the age of 18 from practicing religion, global human rights groups … Read more

Four Catholic Dioceses Included In List of Potential Defendants In Covington Student Lawsuit

The high profile libel attorney who’s representing Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic teen who was wrongly smeared as a racist last month, released a 14-minute video revealing the truth about what happened on January 18, when a brief clip appearing to show Sandmann mocking Native American activist Nathan Phillips went viral. The video shows events … Read more