These Wicked Men Have Made My Daughters Victims, Too

When Theodore McCarrick was spooning and fondling seminarians, quite obviously he did not consider how far his enormities would reverberate.

At the General Judgement, he will be shown how far his despicable actions have reverberated through society and how they harmed the lives of people he has never met. At the General Judgement, he will know, and it will be excruciating. And there he will meet my daughters.

My wife and I have worked very hard to keep the wolves away from our daughters. We have never considered sending them to corrupt government schools. We searched and found authentic Catholic schools and moved our home to be close to them. And when I say authentic, I mean it. We know too much to fall into the trap of trusting parents from decades ago who sent their children to “Catholic” schools that only ended up ruining their faith.

We moved into a community with like-minded families and what we teach our children is mirrored in the homes of their friends. We purified our house of cable television years ago. We finally gave it up when the gay agenda even barged into cooking shows. We stopped taking the New York Times and the Washington Post because they are tools of propaganda rather than newspapers.

We are well aware that the broader culture offers pure poison for children, and seeks to recruit our children into its soul-destroying army, like the Sultan kidnapping Christian children and turning them into Janissary armies to battle the Christians.

At the risk of being overly dramatic, we know demons are circling around their precious heads, trying to find a way in, a way to ruin them, steal their souls, damn them.

And so, after all these years of protecting our daughters, we now face the prospect of sullying their innocence by telling them about Uncle Ted and the men who helped him and hid him. Who would have thought our own churchmen would be among the wolves? Who would have thought it would be princes of the Church who would harm our children’s innocence?

No, our daughters are not the immediate victims of this vicious behavior. But, news of Theodore McCarrick and his enablers will surely reach them. What horror for them. They love their priests. They love their bishop and all bishops. What will they hear? What will it do to their faith? We cannot know. And so, we have to tell them first and help them understand as if anyone can understand.

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