Abortion-Funding Charities Sponsored Vatican’s Climate Change Summit

Two major American charities funding abortion and the LGBTQ+ agenda are financing the Vatican’s three-day climate change summit May 15–17. The summit, held at the initiative of Pope Francis, is showcasing radical leftist U.S. governors Maura Healy (Massachusetts), Gavin Newsom (California), and Kathy Hochul (New York), who all identify as Catholic but defy the Roman … Read more

Francis Poses as Scientific ‘Expert’

“The stakes could not be higher,” Pope Francis said on May 16, speaking to participants in an international conference on climate change. But actually the stakes could be higher; they could involve human souls rather than polar ice caps or, for that matter, scientific models. There was a time—any time, really, before 2013—when one would … Read more

Bishop Stowe Commits Diocese to Net Zero by 2030 – What About the Salvation of Souls?

Pro-LGBT Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky, announced Tuesday that his diocese is pledging to reach net-zero carbon emissions across 59 parishes by 2030, citing the inspiration of Pope Francis. “This is our gift to Pope Francis on his name day,” Stowe said during a diocesan press conference announcement, explaining that the presser was taking … Read more

Pope Francis Claims ‘Deniers of Climate Change’ are ‘Foolish’

Pope Francis has stated that “deniers of climate change” are “foolish” as they don’t believe “research,” and insisting that “climate change exists.” In comments made to CBS Evening News and aired April 24, the 87-year-old Pontiff decried those whom CBS’s Norah O’Donnell described as “deniers of climate change.” “There are people who are foolish, and … Read more