Vatican Biblical Commission Report Includes Significant Shift Toward Acceptance of Homosexual Acts?

UPDATE 5: Vatican claims document does not signal opening to gay marriage. UPDATE 4: Michael Voris take on the report. UPDATE 3:  Edward Pentin’s commentary regarding earlier reports. UPDATE 2: We have just learned this may be an intentional campaign of disinformation on the part of some who are projecting their desires onto the commission’s … Read more

Vatican in Suspense before Publication of Book that Uncovers the Gay Network in the Hierarchy

On April 1 a book entitled “Sodom” by French sociologist Frédéric Martel will be published revealing with names and specific data the scope of the homosexual network within the Vatican, immediately after the February episcopal meeting to address the issue of abuse that part ignoring of entrance this ‘pink elephant’ in the living room. We … Read more