Pell Now Faces a Vatican Inquiry Into Child Abuse Allegations

How much more persecution will this man have to endure? Cardinal George Pell now faces a Church inquiry into allegations of sexually assaulting children, even though the High Court of Australia dramatically quashed his earlier convictions. Following the cardinal’s conviction by a jury, which became public in February 2019, the Vatican opened a case against … Read more

Abuse Scandals Could ‘Destroy’ Church

The clerical sexual abuse scandal is threatening the very existence of the Catholic Church as an institution, according to Fr Hans Zollner, president of the Centre for Child Protection at the Gregorian. Speaking at a theme day on “Escaping from Power, Seduction and Abuse” in Dresden, he said the revelation of countless cases of abuse … Read more

New Report Reveals Shocking Details of How Sexual Abuse Took Place in Churches

Shocking details of how sexual abuse took place in churches and how children were shamed and silenced have been detailed in a new report from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. The research report on child sexual abuse in religious institutions, based on accounts shared by survivors at its Truth Project, includes reports from survivors abused … Read more

Pope Surrounded by Sycophants and Church Run According to Jesuit Order’s Rules, Says Cardinal Müller

‘The root cause [of sexual abuse] lies in the depraved character of the perpetrator and has nothing to do with his office’ The former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has scathingly criticised the Pope’s advisors and the way the Church is currently being run. In a two-page article in … Read more

Dreher: Laity Must Defend the Faith – Not Wait for Bishops to ‘Get Their Act Together’

‘The abuse scandals have badly damaged, perhaps even destroyed, the moral authority of the Church’ Best-selling author and conservative thinker Rod Dreher has urged the Irish laity not to passively wait for their bishops to “get their act together” but to speak out and defend the faith themselves. In an address at University Church in … Read more