Pope Preaching Universalism? Heaven is for ‘Everyone, Everyone, Everyone’

Heaven is not a secure vault protected from outsiders but a “hidden treasure” that is reached by cultivating virtues, Pope Francis said. Before praying the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul June 29, the pope reflected on Jesus giving St. Peter, the first pope, the keys to the … Read more

Deceased Jesuit Priest Accused of Abusing ‘Hundreds’ of Indigenous Girls

A Spanish Jesuit has been discovered to have documented his abuse of hundreds of Indigenous girls while serving as a missionary in rural Bolivia — atrocities which the Society of Jesus has known about since at least 2019 and did not immediately report to the civil authorities. Jesuit Father Luis María Roma wrote in a … Read more

Buckle-Up: Pope Asks Laity to Prepare for Synod’s ‘Prophetic’ Stage

The most important outcome of the current Synod of Bishops on synodality is the synodal process itself and not the hot-button topics discussed, Pope Francis said. With the second synod assembly scheduled for October, the pope said the synod process is approaching its “most challenging and important” stage — the point at which it must … Read more

Bishop Gruss Blasts ‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden

A Catholic bishop in Michigan vilified President Joe Biden as a “stupid” Catholic “who is not living the life Jesus wants for him” during a presentation after a celebration of daily Mass. During a reflection on “Forgiveness as the Heart of Christianity,” Bishop Robert Gruss of Saginaw told attendees at the Cathedral of Mary of … Read more

Bishop Seitz Calls Border Controls ‘Transparently Political’ and ‘Racist’

Doesn’t Bishop Seitz believe illegal immigration is a crime? National Catholic Reporter provides some details about Bishop Mark Seitz recent lecture at Fairfield University: “The attack on Annunciation House represents an escalation in Texas’ efforts in recent years to militarize the border and to enact legislation criminalizing migration and people who migrate,” Seitz said. “You … Read more

Cardinal McElroy Claims Pope’s Climate Vision Not Getting Enough Attention from US Bishops

Pope Francis’ call for the world to address the coming consequences of global climate change has not garnered enough attention at the U.S. Catholic bishops’ conference, said a leading American cardinal. In an exclusive interview with National Catholic Reporter in late February, San Diego Cardinal Robert McElroy said the pope’s environmental vision “has not gotten … Read more

Anglican Female Bishop Praises Francis For Inviting Her To Address Women’s Ordinations

An Anglican woman bishop who addressed Pope Francis and his advisory Council of Cardinals says she believes the pontiff took a “risk” in extending her an invitation to speak to the group and hopes that the Catholic Church will continue to explore the topic of women’s leadership with “courage.” “I’m aware — not least from … Read more

On Gay Catholics, Synod Ensured ‘Nothing Is Closed,’ Says African Jesuit

Although the final document for Pope Francis’ summit on the future of the Catholic Church did not mention better inclusion of the faith’s LGBTQ members, it also made sure that “no issue is finalized” ahead of the next assembly in 2024, said one of the leading African voices at the monthlong gathering. In an exclusive … Read more