Cardinal Becciu: ‘Francis Wants Me Dead!’

I recently commented on what I found to be some oddities and incongruities in the case of Cardinal Becciu, particularly the behavior and actions of Pope Francis toward Becciu (see What does Cardinal Becciu know about Francis?).  As I note in part in the conclusion of that article: …the actions of Pope Francis toward Cardinal … Read more

What does Cardinal Becciu know about Francis?

In this article Roma Locuta Est revisits some of the oddities and incongruities surrounding the case of Cardinal Becciu. Readers may recall that Cardinal Becciu is on trial before a Vatican tribunal with regard to accusations against him and others involving financial corruption, including “fraud and money laundering” (see here). This past week there was … Read more

WATCH: One Glaring Omission in McCarrick Report – What About the “Influential Italian Gentleman?”

  The Vatican finally released the long awaited report on disgraced, ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick.  Here at Roma Locuta Est, we are still digesting the 461 page report, entitled: “Report on the Holy See’s Institutional Knowledge and Decision-Marking Related to Former Cardinal Theodore Edgard McCarrick(1930 TO 2017).”  The full report may be found here. While there is much … Read more