Regarding Synods, Sins, and Itching Ears

Today, there was a press conference held at the Vatican at which the Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Synod on Synods this October was released to the Vatican press corp.

While the Instrumentum Laboris is perhaps intended to appeal to the ears as convincing rhetoric, the Gettysburg Address it is not. No. Instead, as has come to be expected of such ‘clerical-speak‘ in recent decades, it is but a mealy-mouthed stream of ambiguous, nauseating, pablum.  Be prepared to see the word “synod” used copiously, such as talk of a “synodal journey“, and of a “synodal Church,” and other such clunky, effete, corporate-HR prose, e.g., “A synodal Church cannot be understood other than within the horizon of communion, which is always also a mission to proclaim and incarnate the Gospel in every dimension of human existence.”  Huh?

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