Exit the Pope?

It is not disrespect of papal magisterium to register difficulties with supposedly pastoral recommendations on the basis of prudential criteria. My reading of papal history has lately convinced me that the papacy permits the contradiction of one of the oldest axioms of philosophy: the parts are sometimes greater than the whole. That is especially true … Read more

The Emperor’s New Theologian

In the aftermath of the emperor’s parade in his birthday suit made, supposedly, of the invisible cloth that only the most noble souls could appreciate, there was a great silence in the palace. The emperor had called his chaplain to his chamber and asked him, “Did you see the new suit of clothes that was … Read more

We Live Among Barbarians

Ohio’s Issue One, which enshrines abortion on demand—and up to nine months of pregnancy—has won. We know that it was an unequal struggle: the proponents of abortion outspent the opponents of this extremist abortion amendment by 3 to 1. Much of that money has been from out of state. The millionaires and celebrities who have … Read more