We Live Among Barbarians

Ohio’s Issue One, which enshrines abortion on demand—and up to nine months of pregnancy—has won. We know that it was an unequal struggle: the proponents of abortion outspent the opponents of this extremist abortion amendment by 3 to 1. Much of that money has been from out of state. The millionaires and celebrities who have intervened have been abortion advocates à outrance, and in our culture money and fame have deleterious influence in the population.

It is noteworthy that The Plain Dealer, the newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio, first published a shorthand summary of its editorial opinion on various referenda and said to “Vote No” on Issue One. Within a week, the newspaper clarified that it had been a copy error: they meant only that they had no position on the issue. This was belied by the reporting, but it is curious to think the professional writers would make a mistake so stupid. They really didn’t distinguish between “no opinion” and “vote no?” I think the woke mob got to them. Either way, it shows the pathetic state of intellectual culture in the city newspaper.

The vote should be a revelation to us: we live among barbarians who do not care about human life in the womb. In the Bible, there was worship of the evil god Moloch, to whom the firstborn of the Canaanites was ritually sacrificed in fire. Modern-day worshippers of Moloch propose abortion as something compassionate, and they get sentimental about destroying human life in the womb, even if that life is viable or capable of living outside the mother.

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