The Emperor’s New Theologian

In the aftermath of the emperor’s parade in his birthday suit made, supposedly, of the invisible cloth that only the most noble souls could appreciate, there was a great silence in the palace.

The emperor had called his chaplain to his chamber and asked him, “Did you see the new suit of clothes that was prepared for me on my birthday?”

The chaplain, a grumpy old man, made a grunt and the emperor asked him to repeat himself.

“I was not at the procession,” the old priest said.

“But you heard about the wonderful cloth?” asked the emperor.

“I heard various commentaries.”

“And what do you think of the marvelous cloth that reveals the purity of the beholder?”

The chaplain took a deep breath.

“I heard that you were swindled. That you exposed yourself to the whole city and caused much consternation.”

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