Jesuit Father James Martin Claims Church Would Be ‘Immeasurably Poorer’ Without Gay Priests

Pro-LGBTQ+ Jesuit Father James Martin said Wednesday that he has known “hundreds” of gay priests in his life as a Jesuit, in response to comments by Pope Francis that there is too much “faggotry” in seminaries.

“In my 25 years as a priest and almost 40 as a Jesuit, I’ve known hundreds of holy, faithful and celibate gay priests,” Father Martin wrote on X. “They’ve been my superiors, my teachers, my confessors, my mentors, my spiritual directors and my friends.”

The Jesuit order, in fact, is known to have a remarkably high percentage of homosexual members, making it unsurprising that Father Martin has had gay priests as superiors, confessors, mentors, teachers, and spiritual directors.

According to the estimates of one of Martin’s Jesuit brothers, some 50 percent of the members of the Jesuit order are homosexual.

“Roughly half of the Society under the age of fifty shuffles on the borderline between declared and undeclared gayness,” wrote Jesuit Father Paul Shaughnessy in a 2002 essay in the Weekly Standard, titled, “Are the Jesuits Catholic?”

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