English Diocese Bans ‘Pride Month’ Celebrations in Catholic Schools – How About US Bishops?

The celebration of so-called homosexual “Pride month” is to be banned in every Catholic school in the Diocese of Nottingham under new guidance which also cracks down on the promotion of gender ideology.

Teachers are advised not to celebrate homosexuality in June, the month in which the Church traditionally honours the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because “we cannot celebrate lifestyles which are incompatible with Church teaching”.

“In summary, it is not appropriate for our schools to celebrate Pride because we cannot endorse the entire agenda,” says a new 40-page document called Precious in My Sight.

“To approve only one part of it could be seen as dishonest and could lead to confusion. We must instead seek to articulate those values and principles with which we can agree, and affirm Catholic teaching in a different, distinct and pastorally positive way.”

The guidance also forbids children who want to change their gender from insisting on their preferred pronouns in almost every instance.

It insists on recording the names and biological sex at birth of children who self-identify in the opposite sex and denies them their preferred choice of uniform, access to changing rooms, showers and toilets used by the opposite sex.

The guidance also prohibits the participation of biological males, particularly, in sports competitions for girls.

It is underpinned by legal advice, and accurately reflects the available law and national government guidance.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop and ask him to follow the lead of the Diocese of Nottingham.