Bishop Lohse Responds to Michigan AG Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in His Diocese

Bishop Edward M. Lohse has issued his response to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s May 20, 2024 report on clergy sex abuse within the Kalamazoo Diocese.

“Today we are confronted with a disturbing truth,” Bishop Lohse said during a May 23 press conference following the publication of the report. “The sexual abuse of minors by priests here in the nine counties of the Diocese of Kalamazoo is an historic reality.”

The AG’s report includes a total of 65 tips, and contains 345,178 documents linked to allegations of sexual abuse against clergy members, of which 19 are listed in the report. Accusations include grooming and sexual assault of children, teen, and adult victims.

Of the priests named in the report, twelve were ordained in Kalamazoo while seven came from other dioceses or religious orders, according to a statement from the Diocese. Twelve are accused of abusing minors, five of misconduct with adults, and 2 of both minors and adults.

While the majority of minor abuse listed in the report is alleged to have occurred within the Diocese, four instances of minor abuse by Kalamazoo priests are alleged to have occurred outside the Diocese.

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