Head of German Franciscans Defends Homosexuality and Transgenderism

The heretical provincial superior of the German Franciscans, who has openly declared that he is homosexual, attacked Catholic teaching on sexuality and blasphemously defended homosexuality and “gender fluidity” as “wonderful diversity” from God.

In an interview with the German bishops’ news outlet katholish.de, Friar Markus Fuhrmann rejected Catholic teaching on the grave sinfulness of homosexual acts, saying he finds the language of Church teaching and those who defend it from natural law to be “derogatory and discriminatory,” claiming the support of modern science for gender “diversity” and blasphemously attributing this “diversity” to God Himself as its source.

The homosexual friar said, “There are still people who say that homosexuality is a sin, a disease or an aberration. As a rule, these voices justify this with the natural law or the order of creation, whereby they then think they can define for themselves what is ‘natural’ or ‘according to the order of creation.’” Both Scripture (Rom 1:26-27) and Catholic teaching condemn homosexuality as contrary to the natural law.

Fuhrmann, however, criticized statements that condemn homosexuality as unnatural, calling them “derogatory and discriminatory” and claiming that they “do not do justice to the reality of life” of so-called “queer people.” He also alleged that they “do they correspond to the current state of the human-science, sex-ethical and exegetical expert discussion,” despite the Church’s authoritative teaching on the subject and widespread scientific evidence showing the extreme harms of homosexuality.

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