WATCH: Harrison Butker Calls-Out Cardinal Dolan on ‘Transgender Funeral’: Someone Should be ‘Fired’

NFL kicker and Super Bowl champion Harrison Butker has criticized Cardinal Timothy Dolan for his handling of the scandalous “transgender funeral” held in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

In a recent interview with EWTN journalist Montse Alvarado, Butker was asked about the letter he had reportedly sent to Dolan to express his anger at the sacrilegious display in the iconic New York cathedral on February 15.

Butker said he was very upset about the “transgender funeral” because “there’s all of these things being said when you watch the funeral that are making fun of the Catholic faith, that are making fun of our Lord.”

“This is not acceptable,” he stressed. “I was waiting on someone to come out and say that this is outrageous. This is an abomination. This should have never happened.”

“And nothing came. So, I actually went on His Eminence’s [Cardinal Dolan’s] show last year. And they had asked for me to go on the show this year.”

“And I sent a letter saying, ‘I would love to go on the show, but I can’t unless something is addressed with what happened at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.’”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Cardinal Timothy Dolan at or 212.371.1000 and let him know what you think.


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