Catholic Relief Services Programs Present 5 Expressions of Grave Evildoing

On March 6th, the Population Research Institute and the Lepanto Institute held a joint press conference to release the findings of a year-long investigation into Catholic Relief Services. We detailed in the press conference, and in a 131-page report filled with evidence, that CRS has been involved in programs pushing contraception, abortion education, and graphic sexual education on girls as young as ten.

In spite of our requests, CRS has not yet released a full public statement responding to the recently released investigation findings. That does not mean they haven’t responded at all, however. In correspondence with top donors only, CRS has given vague denials. The organization has refused to address the copious evidence in our report and attempted to discredit our report by reminding their top donors that “the authority to make such assessments rests with the bishops and theologians.”

Well, it is clear that CRS did not go through our report as “meticulously” as they claimed or bothered to watch the press conference. If they had, they would know that not only did we have a moral theologian evaluate the evidence and reaffirm our call to defund CRS, we also had already received support from a U.S. bishop at that time of the press conference.

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