Parallels Between Biden and Bergoglio

Are the Similarities Mere Coincidence or Something More?

Many commentators have noted that there are a remarkable number of similarities between President Joe Biden and Pope Francis.

A partial list would include the fact that one man is the leader of the Western World, and the other is generally conceded to be the world’s most important spiritual leader. Significantly, both men set about reversing the policies of their predecessors upon assuming office. Both men are, of course, Catholics. And beyond that, both adhere to a “progressive” version of Catholicism. Biden’s habits of making the sign of the cross during public appearances or fingering his rosary beads during interviews is meant to convey the impression that he is a pious traditional Catholic. However, a recent report sent to the American bishops identifies at least 32 times that Biden has violated fundamental Catholic moral teaching since being inaugurated. The most recent example, delivered during his State of the Union address, is his promise that “I will restore Roe V. Wade as the law of the land again.”

Unlike Biden, Francis is not often seen fingering his rosary. On the other hand he, like Biden, has been accused of violating Catholic teaching on several occasions. One might think, however, that there would be no similarity between Biden and the pope on the issue of abortion. Yet, despite his assertion that abortionists are “hit men,” Francis has refused to sanction or criticize pro-abortion Catholic politicians such as Nancy Pelosi. In fact, shortly after San Francisco bishop Salvatore Cordileone informed Pelosi that she should not present herself for communion, she popped up in Rome and received communion in St. Peter’s presumably with the blessing of Francis. On another occasion, Francis praised notorious abortionist Emma Bonino as one of Italy’s “forgotten greats.”

More similarities between the two leaders? Well, it’s been credibly alleged that both men may have benefited from rigged elections—Biden from a surfeit of mail-in ballots, and Bergoglio from the machinations of the “Saint Gallen mafia.” But many consider it impolite to dwell on the topic. So, let’s move on.

Both Biden and Bergoglio are men of the left, and are quick to embrace whatever new schemes emanate from the left. Both endorse radical climate change doctrine of the type that would destroy most third world economies; and both promote ideas about gender that are anti-reproductive and destructive of marriage and the family.

Both also believe strongly in diversity. That’s what they say, anyway. But when it comes to making appointments, the only diversity they allow is diversity of skin color and hair style. In several cases Biden’s appointments to high office seem to have been made solely on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity with no regard to any actual aptitude for the job. Thus, Karine Jean-Pierre is now the Presidential Press Secretary, Pete Buttigieg is Secretary of Transportation, and openly transgender Rachel (formerly Richard) Levine is Assistant Secretary for Health.

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