Indiana Priest Seeks Justice and Truth Amidst Persecution

Corpus Christi for Unity and Truth (CUP) became aware a complaint was lodged against the Lafayette Diocese and Fr. Theodore Dudzinski (Vicar General) in the circuit court in Boone County, Indiana on Friday, March 8, 2024. In addition, Fr. DeOreo has enlisted a canon lawyer to seek canonical solutions for his termination.

Currently, there are two concurrent proceedings related to Fr. DeOreo. If the diocese indeed decides to proceed with the canonical process, which they publicly committed to in 2021 but promptly suspended, it will be a significant development.

Fr. DeOreo’s Legal Battle:  Seeking Justice, Truth Amidst the Persecution

When  Fr. DeOreo’s attorney was asked for a comment relating to the case, he expressed his disappointment that litigation has become necessary, as it was not their preferred course of action. However, this decision rests with the bishop. Despite offering a tolling agreement to safeguard Fr. DeOreo’s claims while the diocese took additional steps to restore his reputation, the bishop declined. This outcome is regrettable, as the diocese has opted for this path.

The bishop, vested with power and authority, is expected to guide the Church away from scandal. Unfortunately, it appears reconciliation, mercy, truth, and justice are not the preferred route.

What does a tolling agreement entail? It postpones the filing of a case beyond the statute of limitations deadline, allowing parties to pursue an amicable resolution. Regrettably, this proposal was turned down.

The rejection of the tolling agreement prompts the question: Why is there a reluctance from the bishop and diocese to engage in goodwill for a mutually beneficial resolution?

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