WATCH: Top Catholic Group Calls for Biden’s Excommunication

On his Saturday Warroom program, Steve Bannon interviewed John Henry Westen of LifeSite News about his petition calling for the excommunication of Joe Biden.

The petition was launched in response to President Biden’s recent state of the union address. “[Biden] epitomizes the false church,” said Westen. At the state of the union address, the only he used the name of God was in reference to killing children in the womb.”

Excommunication is an act of the Catholic Church to restrict certain rights of a manifest sinner in order to help a person recognize the seriousness of their sins and call them to repentance.

“Catholics don’t want anyone in Hell,” continued Westen. “Joe is headed to Hell right now because he is doing the opposite of what your are supposed to be doing as a Catholic.”

Bannon asked Westen if any bishop had publicly condemned Biden’s scandalous statements during the state of the union address. Westen replied Bishop Joseph Strickland, who was recently cancelled by Pope Francis, was the only bishop to publicly speak-out regarding Biden’s address.

Westen lamented that Catholic bishops have failed to disciple Biden for years. “The ones who are going to hold the ultimate responsibility are those spiritual leaders that mislead the faithful,” said Westen. “It’s better for them that a millstone be tied about their necks and they be thrown into the sea.”

Westen encouraged faithful Catholics to hold their bishops accountable by signing the petition calling for Biden’s excommunication.