WATCH: Blasphemous LGBTQ Funeral Held In St. Patrick’s Cathedral For ‘Trans’ Activist

UPDATE: Mass of reparation offered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral after ‘scandalous’ funeral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City held a funeral service for an LGBTQ activist this week and the event’s organizer said she kept the “transgender” identity of the deceased “under wraps” while planning the gathering with church administrators.

On Thursday, February 15, a crowd of LGBTQ activists held a funeral for Cecilia Gentili at the historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, New York. Gentili was “a transgender activist and actress, former sex worker and self-professed atheist,” according to the New York Times. Gentili passed away on February 6 at age 52.

The funeral service did not include the Mass. Fr. Edward Dougherty officiated at the funeral service and reportedly did not mention anything of Gentili’s background while presiding.

The Daily Signal’s Mary Margaret Olohan posted on social media:

[Doughtery joked at the beginning of the service,] “Except on Easter Sunday, we don’t really have a crowd that is this well turned out,” to which the crowd of trans activists cheers + claps.

CatholicVote posted several videos from the funeral on X (formerly known as Twitter), highlighting that the funeral was a “mockery of the Christian faith” and of St. Cecilia, who is honored in the Roman Catholic Church as a patroness of chastity:

The mob staged a supposed funeral service for Cecilia Gentili, a transgender, atheist prostitute during who they eulogized as: “This whore. This great whore. St. Cecilia, Mother of all Whores!”
The Times reported:

Over 1,000 mourners, several hundred of whom were transgender, arrived in daring outfits — glittery miniskirts and halter tops, fishnet stockings, sumptuous fur stoles and at least one boa sewed from what appeared to be $100 bills.

Mass cards and a picture near the altar showed a haloed Ms. Gentili surrounded by the Spanish words for “transvestite,” “whore,” “blessed” and “mother” above the text of Psalm 25.

The Archdiocese of New York did not respond to the Times’ questions on “whether the church had been aware of Ms. Gentili’s background when it agreed to host her funeral.”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Cardinal Timothy Dolan at or 212.371.1000 and let him know what you think about this incident in his Archdiocese of New York.