Lexington Priest AGAIN Violates the Terms of Fiducia Supplicans by Offering APPOINTMENTS for Same-Sex Blessings

Fr. Richard Watson has apparently learned nothing from the scandal he created earlier this year. A parish in the Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky is offering blessings for same-sex couples by appointment, against the direction of the Vatican instructions which emphasize that such blessings should be spontaneous. Historic St. Paul Catholic Church in Lexington has highlighted … Read more

Bishop Medley Acknowledges Laity Frustrated by ‘Lack of Clarity from Church Leadership’ after Fiducia Supplicans

The bishop of Owensboro, Kentucky this month published a synthesis document of the diocese’s synodal discussion, in which he observes a “universal hunger for greater clarity from church leaders on Church teachings,” especially after the publication of “Fiducia Supplicans.” Bishop William F. Medley published the “Synthesis of Synodal Listening in the Interim Phase – In … Read more

Diocese of Buffalo to Sell Headquarters after Bankruptcy

The diocese of Buffalo, New York has announced that it will sell its headquarters building, the Catholic Center, for $9.8 million, several years after announcing the diocese’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The diocese announced on March 11 that the Catholic Center is for sale, and highlighted information about the buildings’ history, architecture, and renovations. The … Read more

Why Are CALIFORNIA Bishops Blasting Ken Paxton for Trying to Curb Illegal Immigration in TEXAS?

Might these bishops be concerned about the millions of dollars they receive in taxpayer funds to aid illegal aliens? The Catholic bishops of California this week released a statement expressing their support of the Texas bishops and the Annunciation House, a migrant shelter that TX Attorney General Ken Paxton recently filed a lawsuit against. Paxton … Read more

Bishop Rhoades Condemns Paxton’s Attempt To Curb Catholic Organizations Enabling Illegal Immigration

Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana this week issued a statement arguing that faith-driven ministries should be free to “meet the basic human needs of migrants.” Rhoades’ statement comes shortly after Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso criticized Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s attempt to shut down a Catholic-run nonprofit migrant shelter. Rhoades … Read more

WATCH: Blasphemous LGBTQ Funeral Held In St. Patrick’s Cathedral For ‘Trans’ Activist

UPDATE: Mass of reparation offered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral after ‘scandalous’ funeral St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City held a funeral service for an LGBTQ activist this week and the event’s organizer said she kept the “transgender” identity of the deceased “under wraps” while planning the gathering with church administrators. On Thursday, February 15, … Read more

Cardinal Napier: ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ Lacks One ‘Essential Word’: ‘Repent’

On December 21 Cardinal Wilfrid Napier posted on X (formerly known as Twitter): The “Fiducia Supplicans” debate lacks one essential word. Yet that word was the first on Jesus’ lips when he delivered his very first teaching: “Repent & Believe in the Gospel!” Thereafter he selects two fishermen Simon & Andrew in order to make … Read more