The Pornocracy at the Vatican

I didn’t make up the word. “Pornocracy” is the term professional historians use to refer to a dark period in the papacy, in the 10th century when local Roman nobles picked the popes — and often fought each other in the streets to maintain control over the Vatican. The word literally means “rule by whores,” a reference to the fact that several times wealthy courtesans linked to these local factions were the power brokers choosing (and deposing) pontiffs.

Well, the pornocracy has returned, but it’s actually less wholesome this time. I already reported here that Cardinal Tucho Fernandez, who took Cardinal Josef Ratzinger’s old job as top doctrine cop, believes sexual pleasure itself (he doesn’t specify with whom) is one means to grow closer to God. This same doctrine has been taught by Aleister Crowley, Margaret Sanger, and other occultists. It’s the “sex magick” of ancient fertility religions, which sacrificed children to demons, as Jonathan Cahn explains in The Return of the Gods. No big surprise, then, that Pope Francis publicly embraced an unrepentant abortionist, and invites pro-abortion politicos to speak at the Vatican.

This time I must report a few other even less edifying facts about this regime that has gained control of the See of St. Peter. I hope this doesn’t give aid and comfort to anti-Catholics, just as I hope that honest reporting about Russell Moore doesn’t make people hate Baptists. To report on the wicked men wrecking a Christian church is not to bash that church, but to defend it.

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