Can the Blood of Christ Wash Away White Guilt?

Sitting down to write about this topic, I’m dealing with a feeling that’s alien to me: ambivalence. You really might be shocked if you knew how rarely I feel torn in two directions. Maybe … two or three times a decade.

Facing this subject, however, I really am of two minds and must admit it. On the one hand, White Guilt is a cancer that’s eating away our civilization, corrupting the Church and empowering political movements dominated by demons. Support for unborn babies, children’s innocence, orderly immigration, economic freedom, and countless other race-neutral values gets successfully tarred by cynical Marxists with the “racist” brush, driving timorous Christians to go hide under their fainting couches.

But then there’s White Guilt’s comical side. It is also a ludicrous, transparent, contemptible form of preening; a cheap way of signaling “virtue” without lifting a finger for anyone; a means of clawing your way into a higher social class and showing contempt for your innocent neighbors — who haven’t yet acquired this “prestige” accoutrement.

There’s nothing on earth that quite says “I’ve arrived” like smearing yourself with White Guilt™ Sunblock (SPF 50,000). It’s a great way for Catholics and evangelicals alike to pass for upper-class Mainline Protestants who live on Park Avenue or Beacon Hill.

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