Notre Dame President Defends Drag Shows on ‘Catholic’ Campus

The president of a self-described Catholic university is endorsing controversial drag shows on campus, despite students’ protests. Ahead of a drag show “symposium” scheduled for November 3rd at the University of Notre Dame, the school’s president Fr. John Jenkins is defending the perverse performances as a matter of “academic freedom” and “freedom of expression.” Students seeking to preserve the institution’s historical Catholic identity have been emailing Jenkins with concerns that the drag shows — which are part of a one-credit course presented by the Film, Television, and Theater Department on the history of drag — are in conflict with the Catholic Church’s teachings on gender and sexual morality.

According to a report by The Federalist, students’ emails are answered with an automated response from Jenkins, reading, “We defend this freedom even when the content of the presentation is objectionable to some or even many. The event you reference is part of a one-credit course in Film, Television and Theater on the history of drag, and the principle of academic freedom applies.” Thus far, over 400 students, faculty members, and alumni have emailed Jenkins requesting the drag show be canceled or defunded. (READ MORE from S.A. McCarthy: Polish Jesuit Calls on Pope To Uphold Marriage)

This follows Notre Dame professor Pamela Wojcik, who is teaching the course and organizing the drag “symposium,” arguing that drag and drag shows don’t conflict with Catholic teaching. “Notre Dame is an institute of higher learning engaged in intellectual inquiry,” Wojcik said, adding, “I don’t see any conflict with the university mission or culture in the course. I believe our students have the right to consider truths about all topics.”

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TAKE ACTION: Faithful Catholics must stop this madness by boycotting schools that implement these anti-Catholic measures. Please contact Rev. John I. Jenkins to let him know your thoughts.

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