1,000 Catholic Faithful Answer the Dubia Sent to Pope Francis

In a worldwide witness to the Catholic Faith, more than 1,000 Catholic faithful from 50 countries have taken it upon themselves to answer the recent dubia sent by five Cardinals to Pope Francis on key areas of doctrine currently being undermined at the highest levels of the Church. Organized by the campaign Missae pro Missa, this grassroots initiative has called upon all Catholics to provide the correct responses to the dubia, thereby reaffirming the unchanging Catholic Faith “regardless of the Supreme Pontiff’s willingness to do so.”

As of Oct. 20, the Missae pro Missa website reports 1,003 correct responses to the dubia accompanied by the following message: “Dear Pope Francis: Here are the answers to the dubia! If you won’t respond, we will!” Of special additional note:

  • The dubia were correctly answered by over 90% of participants. That so many simple Catholic faithful had no problem providing the correct responses while the highest prelates in Rome are either unable or unwilling to do the same demonstrates both the magnitude of the current crisis of faith among the hierarchy and the role of the sensus fidelium in maintaining authentic Catholic doctrine (not unlike during the Arian crisis).

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