Pope Francis: Sloganeering Politician

In Super Hanc Petram Fr Serafino Lanzetta studies with care the teachings of the present Pope, a task which all his admirers will agree is very laudable. Speaking for myself, one of the many doctrines of Pope Francis with which I fully agree is that “the reality is greater than the idea”. In this case, … Read more

Pope Francis, Sexual Revolutionary

Pope Francis? A sexual revolutionary? Surely not? We know he’s not good but isn’t that going a bit far? Well, judge for yourselves. A very revolutionary change, sneaked in by Pope Francis during the Covid-19 lockdown, was his Apostolic Letter Spiritus Domini of 10 January 2021, universally changing canon law for the whole Church regarding the so-called … Read more

Chicago Cathedral Employee Assaults Peaceful Rosary Rally Participant

Since February 2022, Cardinal Blase Cupich’s restrictions on the Latin Mass have severely harmed the liturgical life of Catholics in the archdiocese of Chicago, and even led to the complete cancellation of Masses and Confessions at the Shrine of Christ the King. In response, Catholics from around Chicagoland have been coming together once a month … Read more