Ask Mary to Save Us From the Synod on Synodality

Being the soul of good cheer that I am, the very last thing I want to do is send out distress signals, particularly about a Church I dearly love but increasingly fear may be in danger of losing her soul. I say that because it looks as if a certain hurricane from Hell is coming our way. Indeed, it threatens to level everything in sight. I’m talking about the Synod on Synodality, of course, during which an almost unimaginable level of self-absorption is taking place, the results of which could well prove ruinous to the morale of the faithful, i.e., those who pray, pay, and obey.

Either that or the hype that preceded the Synod will have outrun the show, leaving us with a giant nothing burger. Either way, Christ’s Church will survive. Unless, of course, it never really belonged to Him in the first place, in which case we might as well give it to the Germans, who are well practiced in the art of destruction.

“I think it a great cheek of the Germans to try and teach the rest of the world anything about religion,” wrote Evelyn Waugh back in 1963, when the faithful everywhere were being endlessly lectured to on the subject. “They should be in perpetual sackcloth and ashes for all their enormities from Luther to Hitler.”

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