Why We Go

For those of us who manage to get to Mass at least once a week, not infrequently arriving moments before the sound of the opening hymn, the distance between car and church is only a parking lot away, even less if you’re lucky enough to be dropped off a couple feet from the door. It … Read more

Regis Martin: My Advice? Step Down

Suppose you’d been asked by Cardinal Manuel Fernandez, Prefect for the Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith, to assist him in putting together an official statement on the possibility of blessing same-sex couples. He’s all in, of course, but would like it if you climbed on board as well. And never mind why he’s asked … Read more

Rearranging the Chairs at the Synod

There was a time, not so very long ago, when the raging controversy among Catholics was about how best to receive Holy Communion. Would greater reverence be shown when receiving Our Lord on the tongue, which had been the custom for centuries, or in the hand, which not a few innovators were proposing as somehow … Read more

Whither the Synod?

Of all the absurdly stupid things I’ve ever heard, this was far and away the nuttiest, most insanely silly of them all. And yet it was often and annoyingly said to me during the dark days I spent in Vietnam, driving a handful of officers around in an old jeep because my skill set as … Read more

Put an End to the Madness!

Unlike everyone else who witnessed the Holy Father taking a phone call in the middle of a General Audience in St. Peter’s Square the other day, I was not the least bit surprised. And why should I be, since I was the one who made the call? No sooner had I dialed the number than … Read more

Dr. Regis Martin: An Open Letter To Our Bishops

Your Excellencies: It seems almost like yesterday that, among all the bishops scattered about the globe, it was everywhere understood that care of the soul was the principal function of your office; that God had given you no greater nor more essential task than getting souls into Heaven. “What must I do to assist the … Read more

It’s Time to Clean Up the Mess

How bad must things get before we can all agree that the sky is actually falling and that Chicken Little was right all along? Forget the secular scene, where Biden-induced disasters have become pretty much standard issue. What about that far greater and deeper and richer dimension, the one that Holy Mother Church herself presides … Read more