Pope Francis Re-Crucifies Christ on the UN’s Globalist Cross

A respected Italian reporter who has covered the Vatican for more than 40 years made an assertion that would have astounded Catholics worldwide as little as five years ago.

“The battles that Pope Francis has given up fighting are those in defense of the unborn, of the Christian vision of procreation and the family,” Sandro Magister wrote Sept. 12 on his blog. “Of course, he does not fail to condemn abortion or gender ideology, sometimes with words even cruder – “hitmen,” “murderers” – than those of his predecessors, but these condemnations of his get very little media coverage, and it is as if he reconciles himself to this silence.”

Magister’s basic thrust is right but he misses two big points.

For one thing, such major outlets as Associated Press and Reuters have covered Francis’ critical remarks. For another, surrender becomes absurd when the capitulating side never chose to fight seriously in the first place.

As those who follow The Stream’s coverage of this pope know, Francis has no interest in preserving, let alone defending, historic teaching on abortion, marriage and sexuality. Instead, he uses his words as cover for a long campaign to sabotage that teaching subtly and through others.

But why? Because Francis, as The Stream also reported, is committed to the papacy’s globalist vision of materialist utopia that the Second Vatican Council forged and ensuing papal encyclicals amplify. The United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals express that vision — which leaves no room for traditional Catholic teaching, despite the Vatican’s public commitment to the UN. 

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