How Woke Heresy Is Rotting the Churches

For perhaps the first time in their history, American Catholics face the kind of existential conflict that destroyed mainline Protestant churches and threatens evangelical and Pentecostal ones — as one picture powerfully illustrates. The Rev. Joseph Devlin, a pastor in suburban Philadelphia, tweeted a picture of a book in his trash can. The Foreword for … Read more

Catholics and House GOP Question Bishops’ Cash Bonanza From Immigrant Smuggling

With no projected end to the chaos of illegal immigration at the Mexican border, some Congressional Republicans have decided to confront the religious agencies aggravating the problem — including Catholic Charities, which plays a pivotal role in human smuggling, as The Stream reported. Even conservative Catholics are organizing to oppose their bishops’ support of open borders. … Read more

Revolution From the Top in the Catholic Church

If personnel is policy, as corporate consultants proclaim, then two of Pope Francis’ most recent appointments reflect his goal to impose his vision on the Catholic Church at the expense of its remaining theological and moral credibility. One is the new head of the Vatican’s highest theological body, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the … Read more

America’s Catholic Bishops Get Rich Off Our Broken Borders

As the immense human tragedy at the nation’s southern border unfolds, an organization claiming to fight for the vulnerable remains stone cold silent. That organization, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, went ballistic when President Donald Trump tried to build a wall to curtail the trafficking in human lives — especially children — and drugs that … Read more

Will Archbishop Gomez Defend His Nuns From Scandal?

Your Excellency: As the archbishop of Los Angeles, you have an unmatched opportunity to repel the growing influence of “woke” madness in your community. You know of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ decision to re-invite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the team’s Pride Night on June 16. It’s a decision The Stream covered. The “sisters,” as … Read more

The Church’s Cold War Over Sexual Truth

In the aftermath of a transgender perpetrator murdering three adults and three children at a Christian school in Nashville, the Catholic Church continues to flutter like a headless chicken when it comes to gender ideology. On March 20, a week before the murders, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a “doctrinal note” condemning … Read more

Pope Francis’s Tacit Support For Homosexual Marriage Subverts Scripture To Please The World

When Belgium’s Catholic bishops meet him for their required visit on Nov. 21-26, Pope Francis will have the chance to either reaffirm or negate Catholic doctrine concerning one of civilization’s most contentious issues: same-sex marriage. Flemish bishops in September published a proposed liturgy for same-sex couples. Belgium’s French-speaking bishops said afterward they would consider something … Read more