WATCH: Bishop Strickland Says We Must be Constantly Vigilant in Guarding the Deposit of Faith

Bishop Joseph Strickland challenged Catholics to “constant vigilance” in prayer and guarding the deposit of faith while encouraging them to stay joyful during a recent conference in his home diocese.

During this year’s “Defending Our Faith Catholic Conference” in Tyler, Texas, Bishop Strickland stressed that because we are living in a time of great mendacity — of falsehoods — we must strive more than ever to “speak up” about the Truth.

The bishop teed up his talk with the audio of an iconic scene from the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, in which “Big Daddy,” played by Burl Ives, exclaims, “There’s nothing to live with but mendacity! Is there?” Paul Newman’s alcoholic character, Brick, then motions to Ives with a glass of liquor, replying, “Oh yes, sir, you can live with this.”

Strickland used this scene to underscore the fact that as Catholics, we have an infinitely greater response to the mendacity of our age, which has seeped even into the hierarchy of the Catholic Church: Our remedy is “Truth Incarnate,” Jesus Christ.

“He is the one we must constantly point to,” Strickland said.

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