Living in a Messy Church

Pope Francis wanted a mess; Pope Francis got a mess. The recent news that he will ask for Bishop Joseph Strickland’s resignation is just the latest example. But like a bad infomercial that continually promises even more features, “That’s not all!”

Cardinal-designate Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández, the new head of the dicastery in charge of defending the Faith recently spouted heretical concepts of a “doctrine of the Holy Father.” Fr. James Altman, a priest who was removed from public ministry for his conservative political opinions, now asserts that Jorge Borgoglio isn’t really the pope. Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, who would be a voting member if a conclave were held today, has admitted to sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl yet has received no discipline from the Vatican. The German bishops are openly defying Church teaching with nary a peep from the pope or the Vatican. Frank Pavone was removed from the clerical state for defying his bishop, and then was accused of inappropriate behavior with women in his employ. And there’s serious reason to believe that the upcoming Synod on Synodality will attempt not just to undermine, but to reject, fundamental Catholic teaching.

That’s quite a fine mess we’ve gotten into, Holy Father.

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