Francis Crony: Learn to Repent of ‘Racism,’ as Jesus Did

We’ve reached peak Woke church, my friends! We’ve actually gone and done it, and I think we deserve to celebrate somehow. Maybe a really monster rave around a Golden Calf, set up at the site of Burning Man. We would all wear N95 masks, wave George Floyd signs (to make the gathering completely COVID-safe), and “transition” collectively, exploring each of the 47 genders, while Taylor Swift croons John Lennon’s “Imagine.” We can conclude this righteous orgy by drinking the Kool-Aid from Jim Jones’ People’s Temple, since death (both earthly and eternal) is the next inexorable step.

My own Catholic church is now run by the same kind of sniffy, high self-esteem, low-IQ “progressive Christians” we all used to laugh at when we sampled “Woke Preacher Clips.” But I’m not laughing now.

The highest levels of the Vatican are filled with men boldly and shamelessly preaching a new gospel instead of Jesus’. Because they really and truly feel that they are superior to Him. And we all know the word St. Paul used for men like that. (Hint: It rhymes with “poltergeist.”)

One of Pope Francis’ closest associates is Fr. Antonio Spadaro, editor of the semi-official Vatican publication La Civiltà Cattolica. Spadaro used that magazine back in 2019 to attack conservative evangelicals as the heirs of white segregationists, motivated by hate. Now Spadaro has decided to slam as racist not just Christians, but Christ Himself. Jesus was subject to racism and Pharisaical rigidity, but He came to repent of his sins.

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