Bishop Strickland: ‘They Won’t Stop Me’

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas said Wednesday that a Vatican-ordered review of his leadership was undertaken last month because of his willingness to “preach the truth,” adding that it is possible he could be removed from his post as a diocesan bishop.

The bishop compared the apostolic visitation to a visit to a school principal’s office, while adding that he believes he has led his diocese well.

“I think that I went through this because I’ve been bold enough, and loved the Lord enough and his Church, simply preaching the truth,” Strickland said during an episode of the “Bishop Strickland Radio Hour,” which was recorded July 19, and will air on the Virgin Most Powerful Radio network next week.

Speaking with Terry Barber, the cohost of Strickland’s weekly radio show, the bishop said that while an apostolic visitation was conducted last month “very quietly,” it subsequently “made the news and people were aware of it.”

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