The Church’s Cold War Over Sexual Truth

In the aftermath of a transgender perpetrator murdering three adults and three children at a Christian school in Nashville, the Catholic Church continues to flutter like a headless chicken when it comes to gender ideology.

On March 20, a week before the murders, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a “doctrinal note” condemning sex-change surgery and medication, especially for minors, as “not morally justified.” Immediately, two of the priesthood’s most well-known personalities criticized that document.

The Rev. Daniel Horan, an award-winning theology professor, called the document “nothing short of a disaster: theologically, scientifically and pastorally.” The bishops “not only deny the reality of transgender, nonbinary and intersex persons, but they also compound the harm experienced by already very vulnerable people,” he wrote for the National Catholic Reporter.

The Rev. James Martin, a papal advisor whom The Stream discussed, retweeted a link to the bishop’s document and Horan’s criticism without comment, which is Martin’s subtle way of expressing his own opposition.

(Interestingly, Martin, a dedicated LGBTQ activist, never tweeted support for the murder victims’ loved ones. He never asked his followers to pray for them. Instead, he tweeted an article advocating more stringent gun control.)

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