German Diocese Offers Homosexual Couple Blessings On St. Valentine’s Day

The Catholic Diocese of Aachen has declared itself in favor of same-sex relationships and blessings, offering blessings to “all couples and newly in love” for the recent St. Valentine’s Day.

In a February 14 Facebook post, the traditional feast of St. Valentine, the Diocese of Aachen issued a welcome to “all couples and newly in love.”

The post read:

This goes out to all couples and newly in love:

We wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

If you would like to have your love blessed: In the diocese of Aachen there are blessing celebrations or services in all regions. (Dates and locations in the story).

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Just let us know in the comments

Accompanying the text was an image of two men caught in the act of kissing with the caption “Love is everything.”

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