German Bishop Claims New Testament Paves Way For Female ‘Ordination’

A notoriously pro-LGBT German bishop has recently advocated for the “ordination” of women and even said that he can one day imagine female “bishops.”

In an interview published this week by German magazine Christ & Welt, Bishop Peter Kohlgraf, together with female lay theologian Dorothea Sattler, said that he “could very well imagine a Bishop Sattler if this were well-regulated by the universal church.”

“There are plenty of approaches in the New Testament with which to justify the opening of holy orders to women,” Kohlgraf said.

“When I look at the New Testament, there is the witnessing of the resurrection,” he stated. “Mary Magdalene, for example, whom even Pope Francis refers to as an apostle, she appears as the first witness of the resurrection before the disciples. This trace should be followed. An argument [that could be made] is the Pauline thought: ‘There is no longer male and female, you are all one in Christ.’ And there are figurative speeches in the New Testament of the body [of Christ] that are not defined in terms of gender.”

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