WATCH: USCCB Collaborates With Dissident Priest Group

Rather than upholding the Deposit of Faith that leads to salvation, the U.S. bishops are partnering with a dissident group of priests and laymen. In tonight’s In-Depth Report, Church Militant’s Paul Murano calls on the Lepanto Institute to get to the bottom of this apparent scandal.

Sr. Carol Zinn, consultant, St. John Vianney Center: “How do we lay down our privilege? I think the first thing is we have to know that we have it.”

The Association of United States Catholic Priests, or AUSCP, is an 11-year-old group of nominal Catholics supporting priests in their futile attempt to change essential Church teaching. The U.S. bishops now seem to be collaborating with this group, which is known for supporting homosexuality and women priests, among other heresies.

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