WATCH: Priests Being Treated ‘Like Caged Dogs’

Fr. Peter Williams of the Diocese of Burlington (Vermont) said Bishop Christopher Coyne previously emailed all the priests in the diocese asking them to get vaccinated, lest they be subjected to regular testing and mask-wearing. But Fr. Peter responded that getting the COVID vaccine would violate his conscience. He also said the testing and masking felt like an unfair “punishment” for refusing the vaccine.

This set off a dispute with Bishop Coyne and the diocesan vicar general, both of whom have threatened Fr. Peter with suspension or forced resignation because of his alleged refusal to fulfill his vow of obedience.

“I think recently, especially the parish priests, [they’re] like caged dogs, and the bishop comes and beats them with a stick every once in a while to get them to comply with whatever he wants them to do, and then the people do the same,” he said.

On top of this ongoing conflict, Fr. Peter’s stance has upset some of his own family members to the point of hostility. He said he’s not speaking out just for himself, but for the good of the Church.

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