Tell Bishops It’s Time To End COVID Mandates

Scientific evidence proves beyond a doubt that the experimental gene therapy inoculations are both ineffective and dangerous for many people.

In 2020, most U.S. bishops were quick to accept federal shutdown orders, thereby depriving their flocks of necessary sacramental graces. Many of these same bishops refused to provide religious exemption requests to their sheep who refused to accept the abortion-tainted experimental gene therapy inoculations (see where your bishop stands).  Some have gone so far as to require the inoculations for diocesan employees as a condition of employment and mandating that children attending diocesan schools receive the jab.

Two years into the COVID pandemic, the data is now proving that the inoculations are basically ineffective at stopping COVID transmission and infection.  In addition, many individuals have sustained significant injuries, including death.

It’s time for bishops stop supporting the propaganda being advanced by federal agencies.  Watch the videos posted below and then contact your bishop demanding that he stop supporting these ineffective experimental inoculations.  Then sign the petition calling for an end to the mandates.

Petition Calling on U.S. Bishops to End COVID-19 Mandates

I hereby call upon all bishop to stop requiring the experimental COVID-19 gene therapy inoculations as a condition of employment, attending a diocesan school or attending Mass. The scientific evidence proves beyond a doubt that these inoculations are ineffective at stopping COVID transmissions and infections. In addition, the inoculations are proving to be harmful to many individuals. It is unconscionable for a bishop to coerce people into accepting an experimental inoculation that violates the conscience rights of many as well as posing a health risk for some. Please immediately issue a public statement clearly stating that you will not impose these inoculations upon your flock.

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