Report: Secretariat of State Official Paid by Swiss Bank for Vatican Accounts

Fabrizio Tirabassi is one of several people being investigated by the Vatican in connection with investments and financial transactions made at the Secretariat of State.

A suspended Secretariat of State official was paid a side fee by a Swiss bank for bringing in Vatican investment funds, according to an Italian media report.

The Corriere della Sera newspaper reported July 1 that Fabrizio Tirabassi was given a “finder’s fee” by the Swiss bank UBS, where the Secretariat of State reportedly had accounts worth over 600 million euros ($710 million), while he was working as a lay official at the secretariat.

The newspaper said that documents showed that UBS had a contract with Tirabassi from at least 2004 to 2016, guaranteeing him a commission of 0.5% per year on the assets deposited in UBS accounts and for bringing in new clients.

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