‘Enough is Enough’: Fr. Altman Says Sidelined Priests Will Rise-Up Against ‘Tyrannical’ Bishops

Fr. James Altman said he is corresponding with other conservative priests who have been targeted by their bishops about a strategy for fighting back.

“They don’t realize we’re going to get together and say enough is enough. They don’t get it yet. They don’t have enough brains in their heads, some of these shepherds of the Church,” Altman told Alpha News Wednesday night.

The popular La Crosse, Wisconsin priest was asked to resign by Bishop William Callahan late last month for being “divisive and ineffective.” Altman is working with a canon lawyer to fight the request, and two fundraisers launched on his behalf have now raised $683,900.

Altman said he plans to share the money with other priests who are “being assaulted by these tyrants.” He said what’s happening to him is straight from the “playbook” of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

“It’s like the bishops’ playbook. The USCCB has their playbook so when you see all these priests around the country that are celebrating the traditional mass, that are being faithful to the unchanged and unchangeable truth, when you see them being separated out, targeted individually … they’re knocking them off one by one,” Altman explained.

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