Bishop McElroy Asks Fellow Bishops To Give Biden Communion

A California bishop defended President Joe Biden receiving Holy Eucharist, arguing that those who would deny pro-abortion politicians Communion are overlooking racism.

Bishop Robert McElroy of the Diocese of San Diego decried calls to deny Communion to abortion promoters in an essay at the Jesuit publication America on Wednesday. “The proposal to exclude pro-choice Catholic political leaders from the Eucharist is the wrong step,” McElroy wrote. “It will bring tremendously destructive consequences.”

McElroy suggested denying Communion to all Catholic politicians who reject Church teaching on grave moral matters would exclude far too many. “How many Catholic political leaders of either party could pass that test?”

“It is the moral obligation of Catholics to embrace all the teachings of the church in their entirety,” McElroy admitted. “But failure in fulfilling that obligation in its fullness cannot be the measure of eucharistic worthiness in a church of sinners and questioners….”

McElroy also complained that the idea of denying Communion to pro-choice politicians “applies sanctions very selectively and inconsistently.”

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Bishop Robert W. McElroy
Bishop of San Diego
P.O. Box 85728, San Diego CA 92186-5728