What Happened to the USCCB Working Group on Joe Biden?

Announced with much fanfare in November 2020, the working group has only met twice and is now rumored to have been disbanded.

A source at the U.S. bishops’ conference (USCCB) has disputed the notion that a special working group formed to deal with new President Joe Biden was terminated prematurely this week.

Reports earlier this week at the National Catholic Reporter indicated that the USCCB’s working group on dealing with new President Joe Biden was “disbanded,” just three months after it was formed in November after the presidential election.

According to a USCCB source with knowledge of the situation, however, it is “not really accurate to say ‘disbanded’” when referring to the working group—as the group was always intended to be temporary and had reportedly accomplished its assignment.

Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles — president of the conference — stressed the need for the group as he announced it in November. Archbishop Gomez noted the “unique” circumstance posed by Biden’s position as a prominent Catholic in public life who has taken public stances against Church teaching. He said the group would help bishops “navigate” this “complex situation.”

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