Bishops Must Act — Not Just Talk About — Biden’s Abortion Advocacy

Spare me, please, from the excited praise of “courageous” American bishops who have issued statements saying that abortion advocacy by President Biden (and other Catholic politicians) is incompatible with the Catholic faith.

Of course it’s incompatible with our faith. Everyone knows that. Is it really “courageous” to affirm what everyone already knows? Perhaps it would make more sense—and more difference—to bemoan the cowardice of bishops who fail to reaffirm the obvious.

For more than forty years now, American bishops have been issuing statements saying roughly the same thing. (Some statements have been more forceful than others, and I’ll grant that some prelates deserve credit for their eloquence.) For more than forty years, Catholic politicians have been ignoring them.

The question for American bishops is not whether Biden et al can reconcile their actions with Catholic moral principles. We know the answer to that question: they cannot. The question, your eminences and excellencies, is: What are you going to do about it?

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