Australia’s Church Leaders Claim They Were Unaware of $1.7 Billion Transferred From Vatican

The Vatican and its associated financial entities transferred a total of $1.7 billion (AUS $2.3 billion) to Australia since 2014 apparently without the knowledge of Church leaders in Australia, The Australian newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The transfers increased from $54.1million in 2014 to $103.6 million in 2015 before doubling again to $223 million in 2016 and peaking at $439.3 million in 2017, The Australian disclosed.

The article drew on official documents from Austrac, Australia’s financial crime regulator, that had been shared with the Australian Senate.

The Australian added that more than $319 million was transferred in 2018, $371.7 million in 2019 and $222.7 million this financial year to date. The transfers were made in more than 400,000 transactions.

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