Dangerous Alliance of Rothschild and Vatican of Francis

HOLY Moly! The most globalist and interventionist Pope since the Crusades of the 12th century has formalised an alliance with the largest figures in global finance led by none other than that noble banking family, Rothschild. The new alliance is a joint venture they call ‘Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican.’ The venture is one of the more cynical and given the actors, most dangerous frauds being promoted since Davos WEF guru and Henry Kissinger protégé, Klaus Schwab, began to promote the great reset of the world capitalist order. What and is behind this so-called Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican?

On their website they proclaim in a typical UN doublespeak, ‘The Council for Inclusive Capitalism is a movement of the world’s business and public sector leaders who are working to build a more inclusive, sustainable, and trusted economic system that addresses the needs of our people and the planet.’ A more sustainable, trusted economic system? Doesn’t that sound like the infamous UN Agenda 21 and its Agenda 2030 daughter, the globalist master plan? They then claim, ‘Inclusive capitalism is fundamentally about creating long-term value for all stakeholders — businesses, investors, employees, customers, governments and communities.’

They continue, ‘Council members make actionable commitments aligned with the World Economic Forum International Business Council’s pillars for sustainable value creation — people, planet, principles of governance, and prosperity — and that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.’

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